JX1180 Gym Equipment

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Update Time 2019-05-29
Item specifics
Type:Integrated Gym Trainer
Product Name:Life Multi Fitness Gym Equipment
Tube:50x1.5 mm
Max user body weight:125Kgs
Package:3 CTNS/SET
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This product has a variety of fitness functions

Sitting push chest machine

This device can exercise alone to the chest muscle, if you can not grasp the barbell bench press and other complex movements, you can start from it to practice, to find the feeling of chest muscle force; girls can also use it to lay the foundation for the push-ups.


1. Adjust the seat height so that the height of the grip on both sides is flush with the lower chest

2. Chest, shoulders back clamping, close to the back, to maintain this position to launch grip

Sitting down

High drop-down equipment is one of the most popular gym equipment, often see a lot of people lined up practicing. It can simulate the upward force of pull-up, exercise to the entire back of the muscles. If you still can not pull up, you may wish to start from it.


1. Adjust the sitting position, so that the grip is located above the top of the head

2. Adjust the height of the front bezel to hold the legs firmly

3. grasp grip, chest, first with the power of the shoulder to start sinking, and then pull down the handle

Seated rowing

Seated rowing and high-level pull-down are the same as the practice of the back of the device, but its action trajectory and high drop-down is two different planes, which makes it more exercise to the back by the middle part of the muscle, back groove deeper, back Muscle more three-dimensional, boys and girls should practice the equipment.

1. Inhale chest, with chest against the front side of the baffle

2. Exhale pull the handle, exhale when the application of abdominal breath, to maintain chest position

3. grasp the pull to the most significant, to maintain 1-2 seconds, feel the sense of back muscles squeeze

Product Description of Life Multi Fitness Gym Equipment :

67Kgs/148LBS vinyl weight stack(14 pcs x 10LBS+1pcs x 8LBS)
Aircraft-rated cables at 2000lb tensile strength
50x1.5mm heavy duty contrucion tube
Max user body weight
Assembly Size
Out Ctn Size
100sets/20GP   170sets/40GP 

 Product Features: 

1.With Lat Pull Bar ,Biceps Curl Bar,Single Strap And  Ankle Straps

2.148LBS vinyl weight stack(14pcs X 10LBS +1 Pcs X 8LBS) 

3.2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables 

4.50x1.5mm heavy duty contrucion tube 

5.Max user body weight:125Kgs

6.Assembly Size:2100(L)x900(W)x1800(H) mm

7.Function: Bench Press,Pec Deck ,Lat Pull Down (Front  And Back),

                     Preacher Curl,Seated Rows,Leg Extension and Curls,

                     Preacher Curl,Inner & Outer Thigh Exercise